August 16, 2014

Umbrella Man, Part Two

The plane lands, and history is written. A look at Neville Chamberlain and he impact of the Munich Conference on American politics. Part Two of Three.

Umbrella Man, Part One - replay

For those who have not yet listened, as we release part two. Here's part one. A look at Neville Chamberlain and he impact of the Munich Conference on American politics. Part One of Three. Was two part but will be a three part.

August 2, 2014

Israel and the United States, Part 1 of 3 (a rerun from 2011)

Given the Israel-Gaza conflict, it's a great time to replay our cast from 2011 mostly discussing the 1967 war and events that led up to it. It looks at USA-Israel history . This cast, which is Part one of a three parter (thus a lot of topics untouched) also talks a bit about some comments Obama made in 2011 which appeared at the time to be resetting the relationship between Israel and the United States. This is a touchy topic and I hope most listeners will find my presentation objective, if an American point of view. Now, for the rest of the casts on this topic, Part Two and Part Three, you'll need to purchase the archive. You can do that at

July 10, 2014

Did Teddy Roosevelt Spoil US Soccer, and other stories

He may have, according to this podcast, though it likely wasn't his intention. As President Roosevelt was instrumental in setting up a 1905 conference of college athletics that set up rules and safety provisions after numerous injuries and dozens of deaths in American football. He was an American football fan, and his son played at Harvard. As Carlson discusses, the changes may have made football both safer and more exciting and insured that the US had a popular sport at a time when soccer was building fan bases elsewhere. There are of course other factors. We discuss the popularity of soccer, now that it has become partially political thanks to an Ann Coulter column. And we talk about a few other items. What makes a President a good communicator? How has the Democratic Party changed over time?