November 27, 2014

19th Century Vices, Executive Power, Romney's Lost Strategy? Listener Questions

A look at past VPs compared to Biden and Cheney. Obama's executive enforcement powers, and a strategy Romney may have left on the table. Part of a late year hodge-podcast of listener questions and Quora questions. note -- I got my Quora URL wrong in the episode, but too late to change. apparently, I"m the only BruceCarlson-3.

November 16, 2014

Post Midterm

Republicans capture the Senate from President Obama, and we look at how this midterm defeat measures up to others. We also look at a reason why this midterm creates problems for President Obama and his party, including a long-term consequence not much focused on in the media. Also, a look at some political defeats in history including Al Smith's loss, Bill Cinton's 1994 midterm and Wilson's World War I Midterm. .

October 26, 2014

Year Six Midterms, Then and Now

In the streets of Philadelphia, a group of citizens would change American politics and in the process, set up a trend. a look at past six year midterms from a range of Presidents, and historic Senate losses. A small snippet of a past episode recorded in 2006 is featured, and Bruce offers best guess on the 2014 Senate situation.

October 18, 2014

An American Epidemic

A mysterious fever strikes the nation's capital five years after the Constitution is ratified. Doors are shut, citizens flee, a President exits. Yet a doctor believes he knows the answer.