December 20, 2014

Common Sense

A look at one of America's earliest blockbusters, the little book that changed American minds Common Sense, its author Thomas Paine, the impact it had at the time and what it might mean today. We also examine the creative differences Paine had with his printers, and how much it might have cost to advertise for a book in that time.

November 27, 2014

19th Century Vices, Executive Power, Romney's Lost Strategy? Listener Questions

A look at past VPs compared to Biden and Cheney. Obama's executive enforcement powers, and a strategy Romney may have left on the table. Part of a late year hodge-podcast of listener questions and Quora questions. note -- I got my Quora URL wrong in the episode, but too late to change. apparently, I"m the only BruceCarlson-3.

November 16, 2014

Post Midterm

Republicans capture the Senate from President Obama, and we look at how this midterm defeat measures up to others. We also look at a reason why this midterm creates problems for President Obama and his party, including a long-term consequence not much focused on in the media. Also, a look at some political defeats in history including Al Smith's loss, Bill Cinton's 1994 midterm and Wilson's World War I Midterm. .

October 26, 2014

Year Six Midterms, Then and Now

In the streets of Philadelphia, a group of citizens would change American politics and in the process, set up a trend. a look at past six year midterms from a range of Presidents, and historic Senate losses. A small snippet of a past episode recorded in 2006 is featured, and Bruce offers best guess on the 2014 Senate situation.